How To Achieve ?

Without a DESTINATION no achievement is possible . . .



15 Secrets to be The Millionaire

hard to implement but worth commiting  ! 🙂

Success Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires:

1.) Dream Big Dreams 10:43

2.) Do what you love to do 12:34

3.) Commit to excellent  14:06

4.) Develop Your Unique Talents and Abilities 17:31

5.) See yourself as self-employed 18:48

6.) Develop a clear sense of direction 20:41

7.) Refuse to consider the possibility of failure 24:41

8.) Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning  27:17

9.) Develop a workaholic mentality 31:36

10.) Get around the right people 34:45

11.) Be prepared to climb from peak to peak 36:22

12.) Develop resilience and bounce back 37:22

13.) Become an unshakable optimist 41:32

14.) Develop the qualities of courage and persistence 42:43

15.) Quality of self-discipline 44:00

Youtube to Audio


How i download Youtube video to .mp3 file ?

  1. Online Video Converter v3.0 
    The best tool for me when it comes to have some mindset audios from YT
    – It allows You to download unlimited lenght of a audio and video (customization of a quality included)
    – If You do it on Your PC You can easily get converted file on Your smartphone by scanning QR code – awesome feature 🙂
  2. YouTubemp3 
    Better for mobile devices – a bit limited lenght of a tune but quick to use when it comes to use on mobile.